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Moles Versus Melanoma Skin Cancer: Learn to Tell the Difference with Pictures


Updated June 27, 2014

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Pictures of Moles and Melanoma Skin Cancer - Example of Melanoma
Picture of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Picture of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Photo © Skin Cancer Foundation

Our final photograph is a melanoma tumor that is large and had gotten bigger over time -- a key characteristic of a melanoma tumor. If you see any suspicious skin lesion, especially one that is new or changed in size, contact your doctor.

Remember, melanoma can be cured if detected early, unlike many cancers. So knowing your risk factors and communicating them to your doctor may help you make more informed lifestyle and healthcare choices. If you have multiple moles or other risk factors, it is important that you perform regular self examinations of your skin, see a dermatologist for regular examinations, and protect yourself from the sun.

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