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Coping with Skin Cancer

You or a loved one has just been diagnosed with skin cancer. Where do you turn for guidance and support? This section contains tips on how to cope emotionally with the disease and organizations devoted to providing support.

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Interferon Side Effects: Tips for Coping
Tips for coping with the side effects of interferon-alfa2b for patients with melanoma skin cancer.

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A collection of patient tips for coping with the side effects of imiquimod (Aldara) cream for the treatment of basal cell skin cancer.

Coping With the Side Effects of Interferon-alfa2b
A collection of patient tips for coping with the side effects of interferon-alfa2b for the treatment of melanoma skin cancer.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Skin Cancer Diagnosis
If you've been diagnosed with skin cancer, you need to ask your healthcare provider these questions about their treatment decisions. An informed patient is an empowered patient.

Melanoma International Foundation
The Melanoma International Foundation (MIF) creates and supports melanoma programs for the prevention, early detection, and treatment of melanoma. The MIF provides a hotline to help melanoma patients and their families understand their pathology, what clinical trials are available, and how to get the best palliative care.

MPIP Bulletin Board
One of the most active community discussion forums for people with melanoma, from the Melanoma Patients' Information Page (MPIP).

Cancer Survivors Network
The Cancer Survivors Network (CSN) is an American Cancer Society Web-based service for cancer survivors, their families, caregivers, and friends. CSN offers live online chat sessions, virtual support groups, pre-recorded talk shows, and personal stories.

Cancer Hope Network
The Cancer Hope Network provides individual support to cancer patients and their families by matching them with trained volunteers who have undergone and recovered from a similar cancer experience. Matches are based on the type of cancer, the similarity of treatment(s), side effects experienced, and overall demographics (age, gender, etc.).

Cancer Information and Counseling Line
The Cancer Information and Counseling Line is a national free telephone service designed to help recently diagnosed cancer patients, cancer patients who are in or who have finished treatment, family members and friends. Professional counselors provide up-to-date medical information, emotional support through short-term counseling, and resource referrals to callers.

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