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How Skin Cancer is Diagnosed

This section is an introductory guide to how doctors diagnose skin cancer. Included are articles about skin exams, biopsies, CT and MRI scans, and blood and genetic tests. The methods used to determine the stage of skin cancer are also discussed, as are questions you should ask your doctor.

Skin Cancer Diagnosis Experiences - Stories of Skin Cancer Diagnosis
How did you find out about your skin cancer? What were the symptoms? What did the doctor do to confirm the diagnosis? Readers tell us their stories.

Diagnosis of Skin Cancer
An introduction to the methods of diagnosing skin cancer.

What You Need to Know About Skin Cancer Biopsies
An overview of the various types of skin and lymph node biopsies used to diagnose basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma.

Melanoma Staging: What it Means and Reveals
Melanoma staging is based on the size of a melanoma tumor and where and how far it has spread. It is critical planning your treatment.

Understanding Your Melanoma Pathology Report, Part I: Mitotic Rate
An important part of your melanoma pathology report, the mitotic rate is a measurement of how fast tumor cells are dividing in patients with melanoma.

Clark and Breslow Numbers: What Do They Mean?
Clark Level and Breslow Thickness are two measures used to determine the stage and prognosis of a melanoma. Learn what these numbers can mean for you.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Skin Cancer Diagnosis
It goes without saying that getting a skin cancer diagnosis can be emotionally devastating. If you've been diagnosed, you need to ask your doctor these questions about their treatment decisions.

Guide to the LDH Test for Melanoma
An overview of the LDH test for melanoma skin cancer, including what the test measures, what results mean, and its effectiveness in detecting metastasis.

Making Sense of CT, MRI and PET Scans
An introduction to CT, MRI and PET scans for patients newly diagnosed with melanoma.

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