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Metastatic Melanoma Treatment Options - Skin Cancer - About.com
Jun 20, 2014 ... Learn more about common metastatic melanoma treatment options for patients with stage III or IV disease.
Early-Stage Melanoma Treatment Options - Skin Cancer - About.com
Learn more about common treatment options for early stage melanoma, including stages 0, I and II, that are localized to the skin or local lymph nodes.
Melanoma Staging and Treatment and Prognosis - Skin Cancer
Melanoma staging is the process used to determine the size of a melanoma tumor and where and how far it has spread.
Top 5 New Melanoma Treatments - Skin Cancer - About.com
Feb 10, 2009 ... Treatment of advanced (stage III and IV) melanoma is in desperate need of some good news. Although the incidence of melanoma is ...
Melanoma Treatment After Surgery - What Is ... - Skin Cancer
Oct 3, 2009 ... The standard treatment for melanoma is to surgically remove the lesions -- a procedure called "wide area excision." Depending on the stage of ...
Melanoma - Dermatology - About.com
Melanoma is a cancer in pigment producing cells in the skin. ... Treatment of melanoma starts with excision of the lesion also taking at least a 1 cm border of ...
Interferon - Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment With Interferon
Jan 29, 2013 ... Patient's Guide to Interferon-alfa2b for the Treatment of Melanoma. Treatment for Melanoma Skin Cancer is Lengthy and Challenging.
Life After Melanoma Treatment - Skin Cancer - About.com
Jan 1, 2014 ... Completing melanoma treatment is both exciting and stressful. You've battled melanoma and you've won. But are you ready for what's next?
Pros and Cons of Interferon for Melanoma Treatment ... - Skin Cancer
Jul 15, 2009 ... Is interferon-alpha2b for treating melanoma after surgery right for you? Here are some of the pros and cons of interferon treatment to discuss ...
Ipilimumab for Melanoma Treatment - Skin Cancer - About.com
Sep 29, 2009 ... Metastatic melanoma treatment -- long a wasteland of failed clinical trials and marginally effective drugs -- may be about to heat up. Ipilimumab ...
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