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Skin Cancer July 2009 Archive


Eyelid Skin Cancers Surprisingly Common

Tuesday July 28, 2009
“Eyelid skin cancer is not something most people think about,” according to C. William Hanke, MD, senior vice president of The Skin Cancer Foundation. But “with their thin, delicate structures, ... Read More

How to Protect Your Kids From the Sun

Thursday July 23, 2009
It's high summer here in the northern hemisphere and young and old alike are (hopefully) enjoying the sun and surf. While playing outdoors is critical for kids' healthy development, studies ... Read More

Some "Fresh Air" About Skin Cancer

Wednesday July 15, 2009
National Public Radio's "Fresh Air" program recently recorded a show with Dr. Darrell Rigel, a clinical professor of Dermatology at New York University Medical Center and former president of the ... Read More

Dermatology on the Front Page? Who Would Have Thought?

Wednesday July 8, 2009
I was hoping not to comment at all on this issue, but it's not very often that dermatology makes the front page of every tabloid in the country. Well, not ... Read More

Tanning Salon Regulations Gather Steam

Monday July 6, 2009
With skin cancer rates skyrocketing, 21 states have introduced legislation this year that would newly restrict the indoor tanning industry or strengthen existing laws, according to the American Academy of ... Read More

Don't Forget Your Lips!

Wednesday July 1, 2009
People are bad enough about using sunscreen properly, but they are even more lax about protecting their lips. You didn't know that skin cancer can affect the lips? You're not ... Read More

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